Get to know me a little before reading my future blog posts!

My name is Kathryn, I live in Kentucky. Please do not throw me into the hillbilly, toothless, cover alls, redneck stereotype. I have pretty teeth, i dont eat possum and do whatever it is people say that we do in Kentucky. Im not going to add in all of the apostrophes, commas, and make college level paragraphs… im writing this for fun… not for a grade. I dont hold back about anything… i will cuss, i will talk about body parts, and i will probably gross you out. The title of my blog suits what i am going to post about and it is the REAL SIDE of pregnancy. Believe it or not…. it actually sucks and anyone who says that its wonderful is stupid and you shouldn’t listen to them because they are sugar coaters.

Enjoy what I have to say!

OHHH and remember that all of this is MY OWN OPINION.. if i am quoting my midwife, a friend, sisters or a website i will gladly give the credit to them.


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