Pregnancy, A Nutritional Mindfield

Absolutely love this post! I had to leave behind my margaritas and Michelob ultra so I know how that is. Haha. I have actually enjoyed eating healthy and you’re damn right I go get a nerds slushie from sonic approximately 3 times a week, have ice cream when ever I want it, and so on and so on. My midwife tells me that my baby is perfect and so very healthy in the womb.
My advice to people about pregnancy eating is this: don’t stress or worry about eating something greasy or fatty or sugary. Our grandparents/great grandparents had their stomachs XRAYED and somehow everyone turned out okay. They didn’t have booklets on what to eat and what not to eat and somehow everyone turned out okay. Not saying that you shouldn’t watch what you eat… Just saying that you shouldn’t worry as hard as the books tell you that you should.

Btw halo oranges are out! They have zero seeds and like zero of the white skin stuck to them when you peel them. And they help TREMENDOUSLY with nausea (personal experience and Internet information). And they are good for you and the baby!


One of the first things I did when I found out about my pregnancy was mourn for the large bottle of gin in my cupboard. How were we going to cope with this long, cruel separation?

My friends, who miss me. My friends, who miss me.

In all seriousness despite the fact that I had a reasonably healthy diet and lifestyle I knew some changes where going to be necessary. Around two years ago I started following Slimming World and lost around 4 stone in a year and a half. I then began to focus more on having a balanced workable diet that would still lead to weight loss and be easy to stick with. Did this mean I was a lean mean fighting machine? No.

When I fell pregnant I probably had another 4 stone Iā€™d like to lose and I intend to pick up where I left off in the summer of 2015.

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One thought on “Pregnancy, A Nutritional Mindfield

  1. Thanks for the compliment I’m glad you enjoyed! šŸ™‚ I think the source of my problem is that in the UK we very rarely see Drs or midwives. By the time I’m 20 weeks I’ll have had two ultrasounds, 2 midwife visits and no Dr appointments. Can leave you feeling a bit in the wilderness! Defiantly taking your advice not to over stress and remember our parents lived through lead paint etc! Thanks again.x

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