Prenatals made me puke…

Prenatals made me puke….

I started taking the Similac prenatal vitamins the day after i had a positive pregnancy test. The directions say to take them with food. ONE PROBLEM- I can’t finish my food because as soon as i would swallow the pills, the nausea would hit. I never really thought about it being the pills… i just thought it was another horrific pregnancy symptom. I talked to my sister about it and came to find out that the same thing happened to her when she took prenatals as well as a friend of hers. They totally skipped out on them in their following pregnancy. I stopped taking mine and picked up on eating vitamin rich foods and it was like magic… no more puking and the nausea doesnt even begin to compare to the way it was before.

I am currently on week 13 of pregnancy. Supposedly the nausea is supposed to go away after the first trimester. So week 14 i will start my vitamin regimen back up and see how it treats me.

I hope that i will be able to take them because they have amazing vitamins and minerals in them to encourage growth of a healthy and perfect baby. AND….. they have awesome benefactors for the expecting mom too such as extreme nail and hair growth.

I seriously used to call the “i cant take prenatals because they make me sick” people pussies. I was like how in the hell do you get sick taking a vitamin. Lets just say that I understand what you mean and I know what you went/ are going through and it sucks.

P.S. Bologna is the nastiest thing i have ever thrown up in my entire life. It was horrific and it came out of my nose.


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