Who plans a pregnancy anymore anyway? (don’t answer that)

Here is how it happened. Step by step.

Well theres this guy… we have been tight like friends, friends with benefits, boyfriend/girlfriend, you name it (been this way for 3 years or so). For the record, we love each other dearly. To shorten the beginning of the story i will put it like this: we dated for a few months, broke up and completely stopped talking to each other for several months. Well one night i was bored.. just sitting there with nothing to do and i receive a message from him asking if i want to drink beer in a hot tub with him so my lovesick, dumb ass goes. I got drunk for sure. Beer  in a hot tub is awesome. We kissed, we had unprotected sex (like we had a million times before and nothing ever happened), we actually did it like 3 times (that night, the following morning, the following afternoon). Well that night kind of just kick started our “relationship situation” again…. we went to the bar a couple of days later.. hung out like all month long and here’s the part where my life changed….

Me and my Bestie/ roommate at the time were sitting in our living room watching something on netflix when she got up and went to the bathroom. She comes back in and says welp i started my period. I kind of just sank down into the couch a little because mine always started like 4 days before her.. like i was usually off of mine when she started. I was just like well thats crazy i wonder if mines just changing around. it does that you know… when youre around other women… it changes your period. Do you know how many times ive had my period delay a few days? More than i can count. When i was friends with this one girl and we were together every day my period was 14 days behind with ZERO chance of pregnancy. Plus im one of those people who had it in my head that i would never have kids. That it just wasnt possible for me to have a kid.

Well it got me thinking. So i got online and did the ovulation calculator on the first website in the google search. Bam… the hot tub night on through to the bar night. At this point i text him and tell him what i have just told you about my friend getting her period. Of course he doesnt think its possible either but still urges me to take a test. My room mate went to walmart and bought a package of tests that either give you a minus for negative or a plus for positive.

I waited until i was home alone and went to the bathroom. I peed on the test and saw the minus sign, looked up to the heavens and said oh god thank you, looked back down and there was the plus line coming in hot and heavy, i then proceeded to look up and say no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no x100.

Yep. im pregnant. The test i took the next day did the same thing.

my 7.5 week ultrasound says im pregnant too.

my 12 week appt when i heard the heartbeat confirmed it further in my mind too.

I still cant really grasp that i am going to have a baby in may 2015.


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