Food phases.

My first food phase was crackers. I would eat like 3 of those little premium saltine snack serving size packages per meal.
My second and long lasting food phase has been salsa. And it can’t just be any old salsa. Tostitos is a definite NO. It has to be from a Mexican restaurant OR Herdez. Herdez is just like restaurant salsa. Now I’m going to have to eat some…
My third food phase… Well drink phase, was orange juice. I was drinking half a gallon a day. Literally. When I drink it now… Not even 2 weeks after this ‘I love orange juice phase,’ it’s like my stomach doesn’t want it to go there. If I dare to burp or lean over or think about drinking orange juice while I’m drinking it, I get nauseous, I puke in my mouth, I burp liquids, you name it. I still drink it every few days. It’s just so good for you and your baby so it’s hard not to stick through and drink it. Might I add that SIMPLY ORANGE is the absolute best orange juice you can purchase in my small little town. I probably wouldn’t buy anything else if it was offered anyway. I am spoiled on simply orange.
My fourth food phase is pizza. Which is going on as we speak and as I stuff my face with this cheese and pepperoni with cheese stuffed crust pizza at 1 something in the a.m. I have lived on pizza rolls and pizza for like 3 days now and I’m content with it for now.
My fifth food phase… Kind of weird, maybe, I don’t know… I don’t think my kid likes meat. I have ZERO desire to eat any meat. Unless it is ham. It likes ham. I just hope it lets me eat Thanksgiving turkey dipped in ranch dressing tomorrow! Does anyone else think it is freaking awesome to be pregnant at Thanksgiving!!!??? It’s like a dream come true really. Haha. (Coming from the girl who dreams about ice cream cake, grape koolaid and other foods each night)
And I have a dozen other weird food issues I could share… But it’s time for me to go to bed. I have to spend thanksgiving with my boyfriends family that he and I have never cared for me to meet yet, that are meeting me for the first time and I’m pregnant, that will probably judge me by the steps I take, that will start comparing me to his last girlfriend immediately, and will probably hate me because I never forgot how to breathe. There will be food and I will keep my mouth full at all times so maybe they don’t talk to me. I’m such a people person and love love love meeting new people….. It’s just the fact that it’s going to be his mom and all of that side of his family there. Yall wouldn’t understand.
(Had to throw in that kentucky YALL)

Good night everybody.

And thank you to people who actually read what I post. I made this site to read about other pregnant moms and moms that have already given birth because there is soooooo much to learn and learning from someone’s personal experiences is so much more logical than reading the books. Just like the time when I became a nursing assistant. The books compared to the actual job met no similarities. I have no idea if people can learn from me, you can probably laugh or say gaaaaaaawwwwwddd I know what she’s talking about I can totally relate to that. But I hope it’s entertaining in some way!

Please please give me advice whenever you feel like preaching! I would love it soooooo much.

Good night šŸ™‚


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