Midnight Pregnancy Cravings good or bad???

Everybody says you shouldn’t eat after a certain time of night/day/whenever.
I, on the other hand, eat whenever I am hungry. I really don’t care if my ass goes from Miranda Lambert to Kim Kardashian. I have always enjoyed having a big butt and big boobs and an all around curvy body. I have jiggle here and there, nobody is perfect, but I am pretty happy with myself AND I eat when ever I want to.

Any way…
I am almost 15 weeks pregnant and I have actually lost the amount of weight that I am supposed to have gained by now. Am I worried, concerned, freaking out, calling my doctor, etc., No.
My little fetus has completely turned me in to a health freak. I hardly eat meat anymore. I enjoy fruits and vegetables-of course covered in garlic, and I only drink bottled water with a shot of milk or orange juice every now and then when I’m feeling froggy.
I bought a tub of cookie dough ice cream a few days ago and it’s still in the freezer. I went to get some just a moment ago and found myself filling up a plate of fruit. Which is a good thing if you look at it upside down with one eye closed. I, ME, KATHRYN wanted the ice cream….. The fetus did not. It wins every time.
After all I am it’s shelter for now and for ever and will always put what it wants first.

Oooooohhh and next Wednesday on Dec. 10th (5days before my 22nd birthday) I’m going to find out the gender of the fetus!

I’m not weird. I just call it a fetus because Meredith and Cristina on Greys Anatomy called Merediths baby the fetus. I’m obsessed with that show.
Even though I’m mad at it right now.
That’s a whole different conversation.

Bye for now 🙂


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