For anyone that is just plain scared of having a baby and being pregnant with one.

If there is anyone out there that got pregnant (did not mean to or want to) and is scared, worried, or just doesn’t know how to handle it… This is a little bit of inspiration for you.

I am 21 years old. Will be 22 on Dec. 15th… Just a few short days. I love beer and tequila and love to party. Now take that last sentence and repeat it as past tense because I gave that up immediately when I found out I was pregnant. It is still so unreal to me, you have no idea. I never ever wanted to have kids. Never thought I would have kids. Hell I didn’t even think I could have kids. But it happened.
Anyway… Today was my second ultra sound. It lasted for such a long time. I am now 15 and a half weeks pregnant and paid the extra 50$ to find out what I am having early at my Drs Office. During my ultra sound I saw how my little tiny baby had gone from the blob on the screen to actually looking like a little baby. I saw his little arms moving, his little legs kicking, his hands waving and his fingers moving and oh my gosh… The rush of emotion that went over me was unreal. I felt love, joy, happiness, I really just don’t even know how to describe it. Every doubt, worry and concern I have stressed over every single day is so small and irrelevant now. When she finally got to see what he was (girl or boy), he kept doing flips all over the place and finally we found that he was a little baby boy. I can’t express in words how excited i am. The closest example I can use is that feeling you got as a kid when you knew you were leaving for family vacation the next day… That can’t sleep, won’t sleep, can’t wait, won’t wait, wanna scream, screaming kind of love and excitement. And multiply that by infinity. That is how I feel. I’m in love.
So it’s okay to be scared every day and all of that… But the moment you fall in love with your baby is the moment you stop being scared. In that moment everything in your mind will change for the better. I’m so glad I finally had my moment. Maybe some people get their moments sooner or later but I feel like mine came at the perfect time.


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