I will never catch a freaking break.

Seriously the damn flu?
I got my flu shot and it ALWAYS works for me. But apparently the CDC gave out ineffective flu shots this year and now I have to suffer through this too.
I’m calling them after I write this and asking what dafuq I was injected with because it obviously wasn’t a flu shot that works and if it harms my baby I will go to extremes, to the point where everyone in America and the countries of planet earth know that somebody some where messed up. Anyway, I have to get some more sleep and go to the doctor yet again this afternoon.
The next person that brings an illness around me will be punched in the face repeditively. I am angry and I don’t feel good and I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.
On another note… I am 16 weeks today and my little baby is starting to hear my voice as I talk or sing. He is also gaining weight really quickly now. He has to fatten up to match his mommys legs and ankles lol. I am going to have it rough apparently… That’s what everyone says…. I already have swollen legs and ankles and feet, I already get into that nesting stage, and there’s a few more things I can’t remember off the top of my head. I miss my boyfriend. Our work schedules are the complete opposite and it SUCKS.
I need a pedicure and a massage.
That’s all.


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