Hungry at 1a.m.

So I have laid here in bed for like 5 hours trying to fall asleep but hungry at the same time. I didn’t know what I wanted so I didn’t want to waste my time walking up stairs just yet.
Finally it hit me.
When I was crawling back into bed with my plate my boyfriend says what’d you get to eat? (Like he wanted some or something)
I said Pickles, Cheese and a Chocolate Chip Cookie.
He seriously laughed at me.
I asked if he wanted some and he was like uhhhmmmm no I’m good.
And immediately started snoring again.
I do not know how he is sleeping over there right now with my phone light on, me tossing and turning around, getting up/ laying back down, but bless his heart… He is doing it somehow.

Ooooh and I don’t think that I have mentioned how much I LOVE EBAY. Seriously. It’s so cheap! You can find baby clothes brand new or that look brand new for dirt cheap. I have been burning up some baby Ralph Lauren. Take a look for yourself and save some money all while dressing your little baby like your wallet is as fat as your pregnant boobs. Love ebay. Just saying.

I hate getting paid at 1a.m.
I’ll be up until 5 shopping online because I have an addiction to it.
And I have a new obsession with wanting my kid to look like a magazine model baby when he is born.
At least I’m a bargain shopper.


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