I haven’t posted in a while!!

So much has been going on in my life. Got a new job, DUMPED my unborn child’s father, Christmas stuff, all that.

On the first subject: the dumping of my unborn child’s father.
Here is why: I don’t take shit from ANYBODY.
I was cheated on with a girl who just had a baby and looks like drag queen and is engaged to her baby’s dad. What a slut really.
I was also cheated on with a redneck girl that he calls his “sister.” She is not his sister and they used those code names to fuck around with each other behind my back like I was stupid or something. She’s also pregnant. Nobody knows if her boyfriend is the dad or if my EX boyfriend is the dad.
Once again… Another SLUT.
He told me so many lies.
For instance: he has another son from a previous relationship. The mother only gives him visitation twice a week. He would lie to me and tell me that he had him on days and nights he actually didn’t have him (so he could screw the redneck girl) and take her out to dinner. One of my friends saw them out at a fucking restaurant together.
I seriously hate him. We used to be best friends, I loved him more than anything but damn if he thought I would stick around while he lied and cheated he had another thing coming.
I do not tolerate that bullshit. I will be a single mom.
I don’t even want him around my baby now. He’s a dishonest person, fucking scum under my shoe.
When I told him I didn’t want him in my baby’s life.. You know what he said? “Ok Idc”
Like really? You don’t care? Wtf.
It’s whatever. I am OVER IT. My baby deserves WAY BETTER than that trash bag asshole.

On another note: I’m 18 weeks now. I can feel him kicking. And then every time I try to feel it from the outside, he stops moving. Lol I can’t wait until my next ultrasound. I love getting to see him!

And I have acid reflux so freaking bad.
I have puke in my mouth at all times. It’s gross. And it tastes disgusting.

Moral of the story:
Don’t take any shit from a man… Even if it means you’ll be a single mom. Women are some tough bitches that can handle ANYTHING life throws at them. Don’t ever feel like you “need” a man. Because you don’t. Been there, felt that, realized I was wrong and didn’t need anyone but myself, God, and my family/friends.
The other moral of the story is to stop eating pizza rolls, because they are the main source of acid reflux I swear. Lol


3 thoughts on “I haven’t posted in a while!!

    • Thank you!!! It was soooooo hard for me to come to terms with it all but im actually over it and okay. I got over it faster than i expected. I just know i have someone to look forward to that will make me happy for the rest of my life and that i dont need to worry about anything or anyone else.

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