My ankles. Or should I say kankles.

They are terrible.
Apparently I am having pain caused by a nerve in my back. It seriously makes me hurt from my tail bone and down my entire right leg. My right ankle is sore and swollen 24/7 and then the fact that both of my ankles swell up like softballs by the end of everyday sucks too. I need a wheelchair and bed rest and to get paid for sleeping.
I am almost 23 weeks now. Gosh time is flying by so fast. Like way too fast. I feel like I need more time prepare myself and to buy things for my son. He won’t want for anything when he is finally here… I just need time to slow it down a few notches.
I have gotten to the stage where I am constipated all of the time. It sucks too.
I’m still barely showing and it’s strange I guess because a lot of people in my town are pregnant right now and are huge and not as far along as I am.
Oh well. I call this a blessing and not a curse lol.
I pee on my self every day when I get out of bed. For some reason when I stand up my bladder thinks it’s time to open the gates before I can make it to the bathroom. It’s pitiful. I have seriously thought about sleeping in adult pull ups lmao.
Anyway…. I hope that everyone out there expecting a beautiful and precious baby is doing okay. I know you won’t be tip top and wonderful because I know that having a baby unleashes stress and worries and a lot of other things that can scare you… But at the end of the day I always tell myself that my baby is perfectly healthy, I am perfectly healthy, he is kicking, he is safe, and we will be okay. Seriously. I have been through pure emotional hell caused by others in my life during this pregnancy and the only reason why I haven’t just given up on everything is my baby. I have completely ditched my life and my needs, I found my reason for exisiting and that reason is to have my little boy and to give him an amazing life.
Goodnight or good morning…. Wherever you are.


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